Update from the campaign trail. – August 3, 2013

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As we enter the month of August, Michael continues to pound the pavement with his campaign to become Indiana State Representative of the 84th District.

Fresh off of his first policy proposal announcement for Reno-Ready building developments, Michael went to work studying his next proposal aimed at increasing jobs through workforce investment initiatives. He began his process by studying one of our community’s most successful businesses, Fort Wayne Metals, and meeting with its CEO, Scott Glaze.

Michael also had the opportunity to meet with area legislators to discuss how the work of area foundations supports economic development initiatives of Northeast Indiana. As a board member of the Olive B. Cole Foundation and the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, Michael helps grant making of millions of dollars to the community. Each year our community’s foundations give more than $25 million towards economic development in areas such as 21st Century Talent, Infrastructure, Quality of Life, Entrepreneurship and Competitive Business Climate.

When Governor Pence visited Fort Wayne, Michael and family spent time supporting the Governor’s healthy lifestyle initiative as well as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana. “Walk a Mile with Mike” was a great opportunity to share some family time with one of Michael’s favorite non-profit organizations.

July 31st was an opportunity to celebrate the legacy and birthday of one of the most influential economists of the 20th Century, Milton Friedman. Michael joined a crowd of supporters at Baker Street Station for 2013 Legacy Day sponsored by Americans For Prosperity Foundation – Indiana. The event also provided Michael an opportunity to study how Indiana’s Choice Scholarship Program impacts the education of our community’s youth.

Every year hundreds of volunteers participate in Allen County’s Day of Caring, to support the community by helping those most in need. Michael took the time to visit with the volunteers and learn how they give back to the community through efforts such as helping to feed the hungry, provide landscaping and helping “spruce up” non-profit organization in much need of a little assistance.

August 1st provided a little break from the campaign trail as Michael took the opportunity to support riders from Dayton’s Life Resource Center, who had made the commitment to ride 236 miles from Dayton to Notre Dame in support of the mission to promote life through education and action. These thirty-some volunteers from Dayton, OH won’t impact Michael’s campaign, but their mission and commitment was inspiring!

It was a short-lived break from the campaign, however. After helping provide dinner and breakfast to the Dayton riders, Michael attended the Regional Campuses Study Committee at the IPFW Alumni Center. Among other things, this legislative study committee is tasked with studying IPFW’s relationship with Indiana University and Purdue University. The relationship is under legislative scrutiny as the school has strained to keep up with regional demands to become a more competitive research institute. The issue is vitally important to the region as tens of millions of tax dollars continue to support IPFW.

Stay tuned for more updates from Friends of Barranda!