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Primarily a GOP party

Plenty of intrigue will precede May 6 vote

Karen Francisco

Before the Indiana Republican Party arrives for its state convention in June, northeast Indiana Republicans have a few issues to settle themselves – nominating candidates for everything from the Third District congressional seat to hotly contested township advisory board races.

Incumbents didn’t earn a pass, in many cases. Some high-profile challenges promise to make for an interesting campaign season in GOP quarters, particularly in Allen County. Not so for the Democratic primary, however. The party’s northeast Indiana ballots have as many holes as the region’s winter-worn roads.

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Republican bounty: In a region with one-party dominance, the GOP primary might as well be the general election. Voters who choose Republican ballots will have lots of choices, even for posts where an incumbent is seeking re-election.

Fort Wayne attorney Casey Cox, who won Phyllis Pond’s House District 84 seat in a party caucus after her death, didn’t win a pass in his first primary. He faces Ken Knoblauch and Denny Worman. District 84’s Morris, still trying to live down an attack on the Girl Scouts, faces a challenge from attorney Michael Barranda.