October 8, 2013 – A big day for “Friends”

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October 8th proved to be a very big day for Friends of Barranda, and I’m more than happy to report that it really had nothing to do with my campaign for Indiana State Representative for the 84th District. Instead, it was a big day for Friends, Alan Tio, Karl Bandemer and Casey Cox.

When I decided to run for office, Alan graciously agreed to serve as my Treasurer. He has always been a great friend, but since that time, he has also been an invaluable member of the campaign team. His paying gig, however, is the President of the Whitley County Economic Development Corporation, which serves as the single point of contact for business and industry in Whitley County. Yesterday, the Whitley EDC announced two big business expansions with medical device manufacturer, Micropulse, Inc., and Gator Cases, Inc. Collectively, the two projects bring approximately $19 million of new investment and over 200 new jobs to the region. Well done, Alan!

Yesterday was also the announcement of Karl Bandemer as the Deputy Mayor of Fort Wayne. I have come to know Karl through his passionate efforts to help build downtown Fort Wayne. Although our politics don’t always see eye-to-eye, there is no questioning our shared love for Fort Wayne and the desire to make the community better. When I announced my intentions to run for office, Karl was there to support me. When I developed my first policy proposal, it was Karl that walked me through a downtown Fort Wayne building that could benefit from the proposal. I am extremely happy for Karl to have this great opportunity to help make our community better.

Finally, yesterday was the realization of a dream for my friend, Casey Cox, when he was elected as Representative of the 85th District to replace long-time public servant, Phyllis Pond, who passed away in September. You can also read about the caucus election here. Casey and I have been friends for several years and, more recently, have formed a bond over our shared aspirations to take our passion and efforts to the Statehouse. We’ve shared many conversations about the trials and tribulations of running a campaign as well as the strains of what holding public office has on friends and family. We’ve discussed and debated policies, and shared strategies. Casey realized a dream yesterday, and I’m extremely happy for him.

Indeed, October 8th was a big day for Friends of Barranda. Anyone that makes the commitment to run for political office is bound be surrounded by good people with similar goals to make the community better. I am honored to have each of these individuals show their support for my campaign, and even happier for their successes. They are most deserving.