October 29th Open House

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Friends packed the home of Kathy Callen and John Powell as Michael celebrated his campaign efforts with Friends that shared Michael’s passion for community service and philanthropy. Also hosted by Phil & Barbara Burt, Mac & Pat Parker, Amy & Justin Shurley and Cheryl Taylor, the Open House brought together supporters that Michael has served with over the years to help make the community better.

Michael with Mac Parker and Kathy Callen

Michael’s decision to run for political office was made in large part because of his desire to encourage strong servant leadership in elected office. This campaign is a call to arms for those that wish to see the Statehouse bridge a gap between the countless individuals that serve the community through volunteer service with those that have dedicated their careers to public office. Indeed, the motivations to serve our community are not mutually exclusive.

Speaking at the Open House

There are countless opportunities to leverage passions for nonprofit service with motivating constituents to become involved in public office. For Michael, he has heard the call to service in the 84th House District. It was a great night to see the individuals involved in the public and nonprofit sectors converge for Michael’s campaign efforts! It will take nights like these to help keep Michael’s campaign moving forward.

Thanks to the Kathy Callen and company for being such great hosts!