Letter to the editor: Writer supports Barranda in 84th

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I read with great interest Kevin Leininger’s piece called “In the culture war, why is only one side considered ‘extreme’?”

Indeed, I spent a large part of my personal and professional career taking a leadership role in fighting for conservative values in that very culture war. In response to Leininger’s question, I would submit that case is better served by sensible leaders who can properly frame the debate rather than those who seek to divide. All too often conservatives find themselves having to explain or rationalize extreme statements regarding otherwise legitimate points of debate. While the media often plays a role in whether a side is considered “extreme,” so, too, does the leadership we select.

This is the case with Bob Morris, who called his own words “emotional, reactionary and inflammatory” when he later apologized for his public statement. Debates are won with reasoned and rational arguments. The bar must be set higher for those we elect into public office.

I support Michael Barranda for state representative of the 84th District. He possesses the types of values, drive and intellect I believe would properly lead the constituents.

Thomas J. Blee