Lawmaker Takes on the Girl Scouts Again

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Lawmaker Takes on the Girl Scouts Again

By Jim Shella

March 23rd, 2012 at 2:48 pm

The Indiana state lawmaker who sparked national headlines by bashing the Girl Scouts is at it again.  Representative Bob Morris found a national platform for his views in the Washington Times newspaper.

Morris tried to get away from reporters when his views on the Girl Scouts were first exposed.  Then, the state lawmaker tried to suggest that his thoughts, shared in an e-mail with fellow lawmakers, were a private matter.  “This letter was intended for my colleagues,” he said on February 21st, “and it’s something my family and I feel deeply about.”

Now he has a column published in the Washington Times.  In it, he calls the Girl Scouts “pro-homosexual,” “pro-abortion,” “engaged in liberal activism” “with a leftist agenda.”  They are the sort of views that have earned him ridicule on national talk shows.  “They meet in church basements once a week,” said comedian Stephen Colbert about the Girl Scouts, “hold bake sales to raise money for field trips and volunteer their time to help the elderly.  You know, gay stuff.”

“Wait till (Morris) finds out the Keebler elves are all gay,” said comedian Jimmy Kimmel.  “He won’t be able to eat another cookie in his life.”

In the letter to the Washington Times Morris calls himself a target of progressives and compares himself to Rush Limbaugh and others as he encourages those who agree with him to “never back down.”

He explained his approach in a recent interview on Fort Wayne television.  “I’m a conservative legislator,” he told WANE-TV, “and any time I look at views I always look at the views in a conservative measure with my faith at hand.”

Its an approach that now leads him to encourage others “to refuse to cede even one more inch of ground” in what he calls “a bloody culture war.”  In the column, Morris continues to point out that his issue is with the national leadership of the Girl Scouts.  His wife is a former Girl Scout troop leader.

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