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When I announced my decision to enter into the world of politics I promised to take the next two years to develop a strong platform. Any such platform can only be formed with the strongest foundation of support – a foundation of people that will hold me accountable to the very ideals upon which I first exercised my political aspirations. Therefore, I’m looking for your help as keystones of support.

I cannot promise that we will never disagree on issues, but I can promise to always make my positions clear. I will form my positions according to the following ideals:

  • Passion for the community: Holding public office with the unwavering commitment to make our community better from one day to the next.
  • Integrity for office: Inevitable disagreement among public officials and constituents can and will be done with a level of discourse and reason that is respectful of public office and the people it represents.
  • Strong leadership: Setting the example for leadership – knowing when to lead or follow; and when the greater need is served by getting out of the way.
  • Transparency and Accountability: When asked, positions will be explained candidly and thoroughly.

I am asking for your help in building my foundation of support, and to hold me to these ideals. One single financial contribution from you as a Friends of Barranda Patron will cement this commitment. I’ve been blessed with friends from many walks of life and different financial means. I promise to be held equally accountable by each Patron regardless of his or her respective financial commitment.

On Sunday, December 9th I am inviting all Patrons to the brunch of the year hosted by Fort Wayne famous Mark Carboni at 7009 Sweet Gum Court beginning at 12:30 p.m. This brunch is not a boring fundraiser. Rather, it is my opportunity to share time with those willing to join me on this new endeavor.

Disagreement and healthy discourse will undoubtedly occur along the way. I am steadfast in my commitment and resolve to be a voice of reason – always espousing the same ideals with which I began my political career. Always. I ask you to hold me accountable to that.

Thank you for your consideration and contribution, and I hope to see you on December 9th.