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September 9, 2013

Michael wrote a letter to the editor in the Journal Gazette in response to the journal’s editorial on September 5th.

I take exception to a couple of points in the editorial, “Undemocratic GOP” (Sept. 5). The suggestion that the Allen County GOP is undemocratic in its use of the caucus is disingenuous. I say this even with the knowledge that my own bid to become state representative is rather daunting because of a caucus. Nevertheless, the caucus has been used throughout our nation’s history to elect candidates and office holders, including president. Citizens can run for a seat as a precinct committeeman or state delegate. That our local GOP has held several caucuses over the years is a reflection of the fact that our community prefers Republican candidates.

The reference to a candidate who considered a bid for the District 84 seat as an independent candidate apparently referred to me. I did not reconsider because of the advantages enjoyed by the incumbent. Those advantages do not go on hiatus in a primary. The fact is that I’m a lifelong Republican, and running as an independent would not properly reflect me as a candidate. Indeed, I was elected as a Republican precinct committeeman.

Our electoral process isn’t perfect; but it’s the best one in the world. And if citizens aren’t happy with the results they can do something about it – vote. I’m counting on it.


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