Councilman Crawford: Barranda excellent choice for District 84

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The following letter appeared in the News Sentinel on April 21st.

I recommend that voters cast their vote for Michael Barranda in the Republican primary for Indiana state representative, District 84.

The incumbent Rep. Bob Morris has worked hard to do his best in this office. However, I have observed him to be impulsive in his approach to issues. In matters such as the Girl Scouts, utility legislation and city budgets, I have seen some common problems. There seems to be a lack of research into all aspects of the questions.

Without a full understanding, brash statements have been made and even state legislation has been advanced by Rep. Morris. Acting based on ignorance and hearsay can lead to bad consequences for the people of Indiana.

I have met with Barranda, who is running against Morris for state representative. Based on his history of active community involvement and his conservative approach, I believe he would be an excellent choice. I believe he would do thorough research. I believe he would make an exhaustive effort to understand all sides of topics before making statements, voting on legislation, or advancing legislation of his own. This would lead to meaningful advances for the citizens of Indiana. I enthusiastically endorse Barranda and ask voters to vote for him on May 6 in the Republican primary for District 84.

John Crawford, City Council