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Over the next several weeks I will be participating in the YLNI Candidate Bootcamp. The first session took place last week, and included speakers such as: Andy Downs, Liz Bushnell, Riley Johnson, Chris Cloud and Brent Wake. It was mostly introductory, but the focus was on helping the individual to find his or her passion in public service. We’ve already been given “homework” to explore issues at the Federal, State and Local levels. Perhaps the best part was meeting the other class participants. It was great to see a nice cross-section of young adults interested in getting involved.

The program is described as follows:

YLNI Candidate Bootcamp is designed to encourage Northeast Indiana’s young leaders to think critically about public service. Whether you have an interest in simply volunteering your leadership skills as a civic duty, running a political campaign, or being a candidate for public office, the YLNI Candidate Bootcamp will afford you the valuable opportunity to connect with proven community leaders from the public arena to gather insights into what it takes to be successful as a public official.


The experience will be divided into four two-hour sessions in May and June, 2013. The intense topical sessions will provide participants with a range of information from Government 101, to running a political campaign, to media relations. There will be discussion, exercises, and homework to give you a complete experience.

The topics to be discussed will include:

  • Government 101
  • What it is Like to be a Candidate and Elected Official • Platform Development
  • Campaign Plan Development
  • Legal Issues
  • Budgeting and Fundraising
  • Media Relations

I am told that they have other great speakers lined up such as Rep. Kathy Heuer, Sen. Jim Banks, Tim Pape, Randy Borror and many more. I’m definitely looking forward to the great things I can learn from this program.