Barranda shows care for veterans’ concerns

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I am an Army veteran of the Vietnam War who periodically meets with a group of veterans to discuss the trials and tribulations that face our military veterans in getting access to quality health care. I want to thank House District 84 candidate Michael Barranda (and his wife, Lisa) for taking time out of his busy campaign for state representative to meet with our group.

I consider myself one of the healthier ones – lucky enough to help my brothers fight to obtain better health care at our local VA Medical Center. The problems began well before the documented shutdown of services in the fall of 2012.

Our group represents veterans from several different wars, and the list only grows longer as our soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan. So, too, does the backlog for treatment.

I was truly encouraged and inspired by the care that both Barranda and his wife took in learning of our struggles. It means a lot to our local veterans that elected officials take the time to understand our struggles. I hope Barranda can use his office to help further our cause. Our veterans deserve it.