Barranda Combating the Brain Drain

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The following editorial appeared in the Journal Gazette.

I understand that Rep. Bob Morris has a radio commercial touting his efforts to combat brain drain in our area. This is news to me.

As a founding member and past president of Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana, the premier organization in the city working to build attachment and engage young professionals, I try to stay current on this issue. Morris’ presence has been noticeably absent from YLNI and other organizations fighting the brain drain such as Active 20/30 and Millennial 2020. Fortunately, we do have a candidate who actually has devoted numerous volunteer hours working in the trenches to make our community one that emerging leaders want to call home.

Michael Barranda has been involved with YLNI almost since the beginning, serving on committees and the board, also taking a turn as president. He spearheaded the inaugural My City Summit in 2012, which brought together more than 230 young professionals (along with seasoned leaders) to combat the very brain drain of which we speak. Even amidst his busy campaign, he’s again helping plan the next My City Summit on April 10. Barranda and I do not see eye to eye on everything, but we share a passion for engaging the future generations of leadership, and he is a great champion for our community.

If anyone should be boasting about efforts attacking brain drain, it is Barranda. I encourage everyone in the 84th District to learn more about him if you haven’t done so already, and to cast your ballot for him. Here’s hoping Michael Barranda will be the next state representative for the 84th District.