A Revealing Contrast of Candidates

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On July 25th, one week after Michael’s announcement to run for office, incumbent Morris mailed the constituents of the 84th District a flyer that summarizes his highlights of bills that were passed during the 2013 legislative session. A close review of the flyer shows that the incumbent did not introduce the legislation; rather, it would appear that he voted in support of the issues.

Only one day prior Michael Barranda had released his first policy proposal aimed at helping create new jobs for Hoosiers with a simple adjustment to an existing economic development program. Meanwhile, on the 25th, Michael was visiting Fort Wayne Metals, a true Fort Wayne success story that saw the company grow from a small wire mill to an international market leader in fine wire for medical devices, which now employees hundreds in the Fort Wayne community. In a telling juxtaposition of the two candidates, Michael had hit the ground running with one new policy proposal and was still looking for new ideas to build upon Indiana’s growing reputation as a business friendly state.

You can be sure that Michael will learn from his visit to Fort Wayne Metals and bring new ideas to improve Indiana’s workforce development efforts. In the meantime, the picture to the right is a sneak peak at what Michael saw during his visit.  Just think, one of the machines pictured just might contain the fine wire that will be used in a pacemaker to help save the life of one of your loved ones in the future.