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A Career Decision

It has been nearly two months since I formed Friends of Barranda as a way for me to keep people apprised of my foray into the world of politics. Inspired by recent embarrassing events for the Fort Wayne community, I vowed to do my part to explore what I can do to help it. In a short time, I have been humbled by the tremendous support and words of encouragement that I received from friends, family and even complete strangers. One thing is certain; our community will embrace leaders willing to put themselves out there for type of pains and scrutiny that comes with the privilege of holding public office. And it most certainly is a privilege.

The past two months have been filled with countless hours of meetings – both public and private – in my attempt to understand how I can best do my part to support public office, and in particular, the constituents of the 84th House District. While there has been a tremendous groundswell of support and encouragement for me to run as an Independent this fall, it is readily apparent to me that I should wait until 2014 to run in the GOP primary election. This decision may come as a disappointment to many, but I can promise that the decision is one made based upon the best interests of me, my family and the community that I wish to one day represent.

Rest assured I will not sit idly by over the next two years. I’ve promised to bring strong leadership to the 84th district. Such leadership requires a willingness to truly listen and learn. Over the next two years I will do just that. However, in the upcoming months you will also hear of opportunities that I already have in the works to not only continue to develop my platform and advance issues for Northeast Indiana, but to also inspire and lead the community in other ways over the next two years.

I hope that you will continue to follow Friends of Barranda and encourage others to do so as well. Those that do will see several announcements regarding opportunities that have helped put in the works over the past weeks and months. Through collaboration with other individuals and entities I will help inspire Fort Wayne citizens become champions for their community; provide educational opportunities for emerging leaders to learn how to become engaged in public office; and promote economic development opportunities for Northeast Indiana.

For me, holding public office is not about simply making headlines or having cursory level involvement with the community. It’s about passion and effort. It’s about knowing when to follow and when to lead. It’s about caring for your community. Two years is a short time to wait when you are making a decision involving your life, career and family. Stay tuned. The best is yet to come – and I intend to prove it.